Sunday’s Bookish Quote: Quick Explanation

From today, I hope to post my favorite bookish quote of the week, which will be posted on a Sunday to share with you guys since I¬†always come across such cool quotes. I’m just calling this, Sunday’s Bookish Quote. (How creative of me, right?) I’ll try my best to keep them book related (i might sneak in random ones that I feel the need to share with you guys ūüėČ ) I hope you guys enjoy this new thing I’m adding to my blog! If you have anything to add to this idea, or a change in any away you think will make it more fun, feel free to comment your suggestions! Thanks guys, you’re great!


Hey guys!

I finally started my own blog!

Guess whose finally had the courage to begin blogging! Me! Woop woop! Honestly, I had at first felt a little¬†intimidated by well established blogs, but hey! Oh well, I’m doing this because of my love for books!

I simply made this blog because I¬†love reading! I’m a fanatical¬†reader and I’d like¬†to discover great new books through blogging and connecting with other awesome readers. I’m hoping to start reviewing books weekly both here and on my goodreads page. There’s so much i’m looking forward to – i could write you guys an endless list!

A little intro about myself!

So, hey I’m Hadjar! (pronounced as ha-jar) I’m a 15 year old girl, living in London whose just a little bit crazy about books and drinks too much tea. ¬†I’m really into dystopian reads, and fairy tale retelling’s. I read pretty much everything YA. ¬†If I’m not reading, I’m watching TV shows or movies whilst drinking a ¬†nice, hot mug of honey chamomile tea.

As I’m just starting out, I happily welcome support and any feedback from you guys, don’t hesitate to comment!¬†