Book Review: We Were Liars

We Were Liars by E. Lockhart  

I highly recommend you don’t read this review, or any review on this book if you are planning to pick this up (which you should do, so, so, so much). The only productive thing i, or anyone can say would be that you need to read it. It’s the kind of book that only works with no expectations at all. So only carry on reading this if you’ve read We Were Liars or you’re happy to ruin the chance of this book from being a 5 star read to a 3. 🙂

(this will still be a very spoiler free review)

We Were Liars

Wow, wow, wow. This book left me mind-blowwwwwn. I found it impossible to put down and read it all in one sitting. 5 out of 5 stars! Quick warning: This book is a liar. It crushes souls and severely destroys hearts. There will be tears. And you must be willing to have to scrape your chin off the floor. With a forklift. Hell yes, it’s that incredible.

If you’re familiar with my reviews, you know that this is the part where i leave a summary of the book to give you an idea of what it’s about before i start gushing, but i believe We Were Liars is the kind of book you should plunge in, not knowing much. Even GoodReads understands – Here’s their summary:

We are the Liars.

We are beautiful, privileged and live a life of carefree luxury.

We are cracked and broken.

A story of love and romance.

A tale of tragedy.

Which are lies?

Which is truth?

You decide

I love that the book encompasses a family tree. I found myself flicking back to it, multiple times. The writing was beautiful and haunting and the need for answers drives you insane. This is not a character-driven novel. The brightness of the story outshines everything.

This will be a short review since i urge you to go into this as blind as you can. DON’T LET ANYONE SPOIL YOU. If someone asks me whats the ending, i will lie.

From the mixed reviews I’ve seen, you either love or hate this book. There’s no in between. For me, i saw more negative reviews so my expectations were so lowww, and this book was just woah. After i finished it, I immediately re-read it, tabbing the hell out of it. If you follow me on Instagram on ManyReads, you know i nearly tabbed every single amazing sentence. You just won’t everrrrrr see that twist coming.

Such a terribly beautiful read. 

Do not accept an evil you can change.

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Book Review: Amy and Roger’s Epic Detour

Amy and Roger’s Epic Detour by Morgan Matson


Absolutely loooooved this book! It was a cute contemporary with a deeper meaning hidden in there. This is my first Morgan Matson book and ugh, god i loved it. 5 out of 5 stars. 

When Amy’s mum moves from California to Connecticut, Amy is responsible to get the car all the way there but after the sudden death of her father in a car accident, Roger will be the one behind the wheel. Roger is a family friend, happy to drive Amy all the way to Connecticut. On their journey, they meet new people, visit diners and motels, travel on the Loneliest Road in America AND SO MUCH MORE – it’s great. 

There was a lot of self discovery in this book and A LOT of American discovery going on and i loved it as someone who lives in England. It dealt with a dream of mine which is to do a road trip across America. It gives you the urge to go out, explore and to just go on a epic adventure. I just want to grab a car and go road trip with Amy & Roger. This book was so fun to read! I literally felt i was on the journey with them. The over all focus however, is on how families struggle and cope with loss. 

You meet a lot of characters and i loved every single one of them. The character development and how the relationship built between Amy and Roger was great but i think the romance lacked and came in a little late. Other than that I LOVED EVERYTHING – the travel journal entries, the super cool playlists, the related quotes at the beginning of each chapter, the menus, receipts, photos and all the other added little extras. It just made it all feel so real. It had just the right amount of humor and emotion. Ughhh, just pick it up guys.

HIGHLY RECOMMEND OK. It’s a great, cute and quick summer read. Can’t wait to read more of Morgan Matson’s stuff!

The best discoveries always happened to the people who weren’t looking for it. Columbus and America. Pinzon, who stumbled on Brazil while looking for the West Indies. Stanley happening on Victoria Falls. And you. Amy Curry, when I was least expecting her.

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Book Review: The Revenge Playbook (ARC)

The Revenge Playbook by Rachael Allen

Big thanks to the publisher for providing me this ARC in exchange23287156 for a honest review.

The expected publication: June 16th 2015

I had extremely high expectations for this book. They just were not reached. So many people loved this but i honestly just don’t see it haha. I guess it wasn’t a book for me! Gave this 1 star. 

This book is all about a group of girls seeking the same thing: Revenge. Each of the girls (Liv, Peyton, Melanie Jane, and Ana)  have their own reason for wanting to teach the high school football team a lesson which brings them together. They come up with the plan to steal the one thing the boys hold sacred – they have to beat them at their own game.

I didn’t connect with any of the characters, i found that they actually really annoyed me most of the time. The girls were meant to be 15, but they did not act like high school students. I just didn’t get it. I didn’t really like any of the love interests but that didn’t bother me too much since the romance was light and not the main focus. There’s some really unnecessary slut-shaming despite it being a book about friendship and girl power.

The book was fast paced and i liked that the chapters were split into the girls POV’s. 

We started something. And we’re going to finish it. We will steal that football. We will have our revenge. And we will change this town.

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Book Review: Between Us and the Moon (ARC)

Between Us and the Moon by Rebecca Maizel 

Big thanks to the publisher for providing me this ARC in exchange for a honest review.

The expected publication: June 30th 201520807316

I tried and tried and really tried to like this. If you have me on goodreads you know I considered DNFing it multiple times but in the end i made it through, woop woop (!) I ended up giving this book 2 stars.

Between Us and the Moon is about Sarah, nicknamed Bean, who lives in the shadow of her gorgeous older sister, Scarlett. Sarah lives for the stars. She studies them and tracks comet – it’s all pretty cool. However, since her whole life has always revolved around stars and after a little bit of a heartbreak, Sarah is determined  to become this cool and older girl – a girl like Scarlett. This leads to the creation of the ‘Scarlett Experiment’ which basically consists off being more like Scarlet –  making friends and attracting guys.

I strongly hate dishonest characters. Sarah is a very, very dishonest character. She lied to everyone, including herself and got herself into this big mess. How does she solve this big mess? Through more lies but ugh it didn’t solve the big mess. It made the mess even bigger. (You can tell it frustrated me so much)  I would of loved the relationship between Sarah and Andrew (he’s the reason i even bothered to finish this book) much more if it wasn’t built on a lie. Sarah was so irresponsible, i found myself wanting to scream WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! There were a lot of face-palm moments. Like a lot.

Ok, now i got some of  the negatives out the way – Sarah spent her summer falling in love with the charming Andrew. She would wear her sister’s clothes and sneak out. Not the she ever got caught because her family would always assume she’s just looking at the stars or in her room studying. They payed absolutely no attention to her. I totally understood how it felt to be in the shadow of a sibling and how frustrating it can be so i enjoyed that part. The whole book was so predictable until i got to the end and after i expected the ending to be as ridiculous i was surprised that it finally consisted of a realistic reaction. (I was so please with that reaction guys, you don’t understand

My dislike for this book might be because i had really high expectations that definitely weren’t reached but i don’t know. Not my kind of fun read. I hate that this is my first negative review, i hope i didn’t rant to much. This is literally the most i could limit my ranting haha.

You watch the world. I’m not even sure you live in it.

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Book Review: Ugly Love

Ugly Love by Colleen Hoover (queen queen queen)

This book deserves all the stars. I’ve just finished and immediately had to share my thoughts with you guys. This is my first CoHo book and woah. My extremely high expectations 19487009were reached! I’ll definitely be reading more of her books!!

Ugly Love is a NA contemporary romance read that tells a highly emotional story of Tate Collins and Miles Archer. When they meet it’s not exactly love at first sight. In fact they don’t even consider themselves as friends. It seems like the only thing they have in common is a mutual physical attraction. They’re prepared to have a no strings attatched, no love, no feelings kind of relationship- as long as Tate can stick to the two rules Miles has for her: never ask about the past; don’t expect a future. Easy. Right?





(I’m still a little overwhelmed, i’m sorry if this makes no sense at all)

I loved this book instantly, i only had to read the first page to know i’m going to fall in love with it (literally love at first sight). I wasn’t ready for such a perfect, heart-wrenching and just a wonderful read. I loved this book so much, a definite favorite.

The present is narrated by Tate whilst Miles tells a story from six years ago. Each and every Miles chapter was beautifully poetic. I also loved Tate’s narration, i feel she’s someone i’d be good friends with haha. All the characters in this book were greatapart from Dillon. But you’re meant to hate him. I loved Cap! I’d be happy to read a book all about him. He’s the wise, old, awesome guy that knows exactly what to say and never fails to make you laugh.

This book had so many laugh out loud moments but also knew how to rip your heart up in pieces. But you know what? It perfectly broke my heart and i feel privileged to have my heart broken by such an amazing book. (Unintentional TFIOS reference)

I love love love this book! Gahhhh. There was never a dull moment and it was so unpredictable. It’s a story that explores love beautifully. Guys, just pick it up and read it.If there’s anything more you want to know, just leave a comment and i’ll reply asap.

There’s also a film adaptation coming up and ugh Nick Bateman. Definition of perfection. Couldn’t have chose a better Miles.

Woah, two reviews in one day?! Look at me go, haha. I feel Ugly Love is going to put me in the biggest reading slump. Help.

Sometimes not speaking says more than all the words in the world

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Book Review: The Infinite Sea

The Infinite Sea (The Fifth Wave #2) by Rick Yancey

This book. Gosh, I loved it. 5 out of 5 stars. Truly captivating. How are people calling this a disappointment?!  We clearly didn’t read the same book…The Infinite Sea (The Fifth Wave #2)

The Infinite Sea is the second book in the 5th Wave trilogy. It’s pretty hard to review the second book in a series and keep it spoiler free so i’m going  to leave the blurb to The 5th Wave then explain how The Infinite Sea carried the story on. 

I loved The 5th Wave which i gave 5 out of 5 stars.

Quick blurb:


Took out half a million people.


Put that number to shame.


Lasted a little longer,

twelve weeks…four billion dead.


You can’t trust that people are still people.


No one knows.

But it’s coming. 

I mean, that pretty much explains it. It starts off with Cassie running away from Them. She believes to stay alone is to stay alive…but that’s until she meets the beautiful, not-human, alienly hot thing Evan Walker.

A lot of characters are introduced in the first book and you learn much more about them in The Infinite Sea. A large part of the book was in the POV of Ringer and you really got to know her and much more about her life before the invasion. We also get inside Poundcake’s head which was interesting to read. I didn’t love Cassie as much as i did in the first book but i guess that left space to love Ringer right? I know some of you hated her whilst reading The 5th Wave but you’ll definitely warm to her in this book. There was a serious lack of Evan and his beautiful alieneness in this book, as well as his relationship with Cassie. In fact, their relationship went downhill in this book which irritated me . But you meet a few new characters like Razor (swoooon) and Grace (ughhhh).

This book was great, it was really thought provoking and full of action like blowing up houses, jumping off helicopters, stabbings in the bath (sounds great right?!) It was so unpredictable, you never knew what was coming. I coudn’t turn the pages fast enough. I was already around 50 pages in but i stayed up the next night finishing this book. I was engrossed in this story from beginning to end. Not a moment passed where i wasn’t 100% enthralled. It was full off mind-blowing twists! A truly captivating read, loved it.

Rick Yancey has done it yet again.I really hope the third installment will be longer, i believe it’s coming out soon? Or next year? I have no idea, let’s hope it’s soon.

The Last Star (The Fifth Wave #3)


Vincit qui patitur 

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Book Review: Panic

Panic by Lauren Oliver

It was the synopsis of this book that I found so gripping, I immediately had to get it! I had never read a Lauren Oliver book but i’d always been interested in giving them a try (which i will definitely be doing more of18197515

This book takes place in summer in a small and poor town called Carp. (misread this as crap multiple time) Every school day you donate a dollar and at the end of the year that is the pot. If you win the game, you win the money. In this case it was around $60,000+. Only seniors that just graduated are the ones to play panic. There are a variety of difficult challenges and tasks that are terrifying and illegal. The seniors risk their lives, competing out of desperation and the seek of revenge.

Panic is played in secrecy, you must not get caught.

Heather and Dodge are both participants of Panic, both succeeding in the first challenge – cliff jumping, a traditional way of entering panic. It is written in dual perspective while maintaining the omniscient voice of the third person narrator and speaking at both Heather and Dodges perspective which changes back and forth each chapter.

Panic is an explosive read about overcoming fear, courage, survival, hope and love. Its a YA contemporary read that was excitingly new and fresh, i loved it. I found it predictable at times but it’s a gripping read that kept me up last night. I feel as if Panic could of been longer since  some parts of the story were a little rushed but other than i loved it! 4 out of 5 stars, recommended to you allllll 🙂

The stakes are high and the pay off is even higher

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