Quick post: 100 FOLLOWERS!

You guys are amaaaaazing and I’ve wantingtumblr_mg8bbeCp5d1rmjh7oo1_250 to post this for so longggg.

On Monday i reached 100 followers!! Cue the fireworks…

Monday was also exactly a month after i started this blog haha, how awesomeee is that?! So this is crazy and i feel like i owe you guys an essay long paragraph telling you how grateful i feel but Dan over there reflects exactly how i feel more accurately 🙂

I’m hoping to write up my review of The Infinite Sea today – God, that book was so good. I’ve also started Ugly Love and omg. Yes, i’ve never read any Colleen Hoover books. Yes, i strongly regret not getting to them sooner. Yes, i get what the hype is about. Yes, i will probably stay up tonight trying to finish Ugly Love.


18 thoughts on “Quick post: 100 FOLLOWERS!

  1. Hi! First, congratulations! I have been blogging since January and have barely 30 followers, tell me your secret? Haha x Anyway, I’d like to tell you that I nominated you for the Liebster Award! (you might have been nominated a million times before but well..) ❤

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  2. Woo! Congratulations you completely deserve it! I adore your posts and your blog and its always exciting when you reach a milestone like 100! Keep striving for more and hoping to see so much more of your awesome blog posts. xoxo

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