Quick post: Friends with authors via goodreads

So Kass Morgan (author of The Hundred) just accepted my friend request on goodreads…


 We’re basically best friends now. 

Who knows, Kass Morgan might of even stalked my account a bit.


I’ll be appearing on her updates page, she might catch a book she likes that we’ve both read. We’d discuss what we loved then the conversation will shift to how beautiful Bellamy is and how she might consider writing more books just so she could use my name for the bad-ass heroine that has her own Bellamy in a new trilogy called All About Hadjar and Bellamy’s Happily Ever After. (Can this actually happen please)


Another author that i’m friends with is the incredible Jandy Nelson (life goals achieved).

Are you friends with any authors on goodreads or maybe they follow you through instagram or twitter? Let me know in the comments 🙂  I’ve had fun playing around with gifs. Do you guys think i should continue using them? I know some people are put off by the use of gifs.

I wish you guys a great weekend filled with books, Happy Reading!


7 thoughts on “Quick post: Friends with authors via goodreads

  1. The bigger you get, the more authors that will follow you (especially on twitter) but it’s rare to have an actual big time author have a conversation with you! (or even acknowledge you.) One author I know that’s really good about that though is Rainbow Rowell. She writes amazingly popular books and still somehow finds the time to reply to almost every blog review I’ve seen. There was a whole segment on BEA about author interaction, and her name was on almost every blog I visited.

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    1. Woah, that’s awesome! I think it’s great when authors interact with their readers so good on Rainbow Rowell. I think authors should interact more often, their audience and recognition will grow and it’s just great on the reader to be able to interact with an author they love!


      1. I know that if I was an author (fingers crossed, someday) I’d pay attention to everyone who wrote a review of my books. I’d be grateful to every blogger that looked at it!

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  2. I love gifs. 🙂
    Mark Hoppus (from the band Blink-182) accepted my request on Goodreads, lol. I was excited about that. Not an author, but I LOVE Blink-182, so it was definitely awesome to me!
    I had a couple authors tweet me on Twitter and that was exciting! 🙂

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