Quick post: Nearly 100 followers! And my first ARCs!

I’m a little overwhelmed at how far I’ve gotten in less than a month. I already have nearly 80 beautiful followers which is so crazy! Thank you guys so much, i love answering your comments and reading your blog posts, it’s the highlight of my day! 🙂

And guysssss, I received my first ARCs!! I’ve been selected to be part of Epic Reads Early Readers Group which is so exciting. The books i got also sound pretty awesome so i can’t wait to read and review them.


I don’t know if receiving an ARC for you guys is as exciting but i  was thrilled when i got them haha.

Starting a blog was probably the best idea i’ve ever had, my passion for reading is only growing. You guys are great, happy readinggggg ❤


22 thoughts on “Quick post: Nearly 100 followers! And my first ARCs!

  1. Congratulations, I enjoy reading your blog posts and discussing things with you! That’s exciting, getting your first arcs! I know I was excited the first time! I know exactly how it feels, getting close to 100 followers as not long ago, I was in that position 😊

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    1. Thankyouuu!! Yeah, I’ve checked out NetGalley and the only problem is i’m not a big eReader. I prefer being sent a copy but thanks! I’m planning to use NetGalley some time soon 🙂


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