Book Review: Panic

Panic by Lauren Oliver

It was the synopsis of this book that I found so gripping, I immediately had to get it! I had never read a Lauren Oliver book but i’d always been interested in giving them a try (which i will definitely be doing more of18197515

This book takes place in summer in a small and poor town called Carp. (misread this as crap multiple time) Every school day you donate a dollar and at the end of the year that is the pot. If you win the game, you win the money. In this case it was around $60,000+. Only seniors that just graduated are the ones to play panic. There are a variety of difficult challenges and tasks that are terrifying and illegal. The seniors risk their lives, competing out of desperation and the seek of revenge.

Panic is played in secrecy, you must not get caught.

Heather and Dodge are both participants of Panic, both succeeding in the first challenge – cliff jumping, a traditional way of entering panic. It is written in dual perspective while maintaining the omniscient voice of the third person narrator and speaking at both Heather and Dodges perspective which changes back and forth each chapter.

Panic is an explosive read about overcoming fear, courage, survival, hope and love. Its a YA contemporary read that was excitingly new and fresh, i loved it. I found it predictable at times but it’s a gripping read that kept me up last night. I feel as if Panic could of been longer since  some parts of the story were a little rushed but other than i loved it! 4 out of 5 stars, recommended to you allllll 🙂

The stakes are high and the pay off is even higher

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16 thoughts on “Book Review: Panic

  1. Aww that’s so great you liked it this much! Panic is one of my favorite reads, well, as is every other Lauren Oliver book, I find her writing pretty amazing, and her characters always stay with me. You should definitely check out her other books! 😀
    Great review! I feel like reading it again, now, thank you, ahah 🙂

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